All students must wear proper dance attire. All shoes, studio uniforms and tights can be purchased through Dance South. It is also required that hair be pulled back off the face for every class. If your child does not wear appropriate attire, the teacher cannot view the correct body alignment, nor can the student properly stretch and execute certain dance steps. Dance shoes must be worn each week. Jewelry should not be worn in class. 

Dance shoes should only be worn inside the studio. Please make sure your child wears street shoes when entering and leaving the studio. Additionally, all dancers should wear appropriate cover-ups when entering and leaving the dance studio. 

The following is a guide for the dancewear and shoes for each level of classes: 

Tiny Dancer I pink full sole ballet shoes, white tie ribbon tap shoes, leotard (any color), tights (pink or tan)
Tiny Dancer II pink full sole ballet shoes, white tie ribbon tap shoes, leotard (light blue), tights (pink or tan)
Combo I
pink full sole ballet shoes OR tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes (strap w/buckle), leotard (black), tights (pink or tan)
Advanced & JR/SR Combo pink split sole ballet shoes OR tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes (Revolution laced), leotard (black), tights (pink)
Beginner, Intermediate & Competition Clogging white laced clogging shoes, tan tights (NO HOLES), black leotard or blank tank with black dance shorts
Hip Hop comfortable top, shorts, leggings or loose fitting pants, sneakers, NO JEANS
Competition (Ballet, Ballet Technique, Jazz, Tap, Dance Conditioning, Jazz Technique, Lyrical, Pointe) pink split sole ballet shoes, pink pointe shoes (if needed), tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes (Capezio laced), black leotard, black fitted tank, black dance shorts, pink/tan tights (NO HOLES)


Tiny Dancer is a forty-five minute one day a week introductory dance class for ages 3-5 containing ballet and tap. Young dancers will learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music and the use of props enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun! 

Combination Classes are either a one hour a week (6-8 years old), one hour fifteen minutes (6-9 years old with experience) or a two hours a week (9-12) class that combines ballet, tap, and jazz. The classes introduce the dancers to the basic terminology of the three styles of dance and inspires movement and creativity. 

Advanced and JR/SR Classes include more intensive training for those with a strong interest and ability in dance. Students are placed into levels of tap, jazz, and ballet according to ability and dedication. Enrollment requires staff placement and approval. 

Competition Classes are designed for Dance South students that wish to enhance their skill through competition. Strong technique, dedication, and desire are required. Ballet classes, dance conditioning and technique classes are mandatory for any dancer participating on a competition team. Enrollment requires staff placement and approval. 

Hip Hop is a casual urban dance class. You must be 7 years of age by August 10th to begin these classes. 

If class enrollment does not have at least eight (8) students in a particular class, the class may be canceled, may have the weekly class duration reduced or students enrolled may be assigned to another class (if available).


Students needing or wanting private lessons will need to contact the studio office to set up an appointment. Private lessons are $45.00 per hour. If you are taking private lessons, please make your check payable to the instructor.